Our Story

MJ Kroll is a producer and pop artist who hails from the Minneapolis, MN music scene.  Mixing rock, pop, blues, country and alternative sounds, MJ Kroll's production style is song focused ranging from rich and melodic ballads to raw and edgy rock anthems  MJ Kroll's music has been heard nationally on over 200 college radio stations and has entered homes in countries across the globe through the Rockband game network.  MJ Kroll is currently in Berkeley, California where she is working on new music including electronic remixes that are formatted for DJs.

Growing up on land that had been farmed by her family for over a 100 years in the heartland of Minnesota, MJ Kroll's early years were grounded in the cycle of the seasons and the organic sounds of birds and bone chilling winds.  Obsessed with music at an early age, MJ began listening religeously to the weekly Top 40 in grade school and would keep track of which songs were moving quickly up the charts.  But it wasn't until she purchased her first guitar at age 28 that MJ's musical journey suddenly took off with a local Minnapolis indie pop band called Beta Lounge.  With two of the Replacements (Chris Osgood and Chan Poling) as song writing coachs and Vicky Mountain, the head of MacPhail Center for the Arts, as her voice instructor, MJ was ready to lead Beta Lounge to the next level. The band got recognition from Oarfin Records where MJ, the primary songwriter for the band, first met Grammy Producer Todd Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald later produced MJ's first full length pop album with contributions from nationally-known drummer Noah Levy, award-winning guitarist Dean MaGraw and Foo Fighter's violinist Jessy Green.  The title track, "Resonate" was co-written with long-time Nashville writer Marc-Alan Barnette.  Todd Fitzgerald also mixed and mastered, MJ Kroll's second release "Wondering" with the exception of "Going On" which was mixed at Capitol Records. While performing in cover bands for a decade, MJ honed her skills at the mic and in front of a crowd.   To help promote herself and other independent artists, MJ became a live radio host for the internet station TwinCitiesRadio.net.  The station was on the air with MJ as a regular host for approximately 4 years.  

MJ is currently a member of the mixed arts community at the Bridge ArtSpace.  As well as working on her own music, MJ Kroll is also interested in building other artist communities like the Bridge ArtSpace that cater to independent artists and musicians.